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IMPORTANT: GDPR and Data Protection Notice


Your Personal Data


The IRFU processes your personal data on GAINLINE for some or all of these purposes:


  • to maintain integrity of your IRFU ID number from ‘Clubhouse’ database.
  • to facilitate your educational course participation.
  • to manage your Awards, certifications and course progress.
  • to maintain your up-to-date contact information.
  • to facilitate the administration of rugby in Ireland.


The IRFU may disclose your personal data to other stakeholders of our association and third parties for the purpose of:


  • Education or development-related events.
  • IRFU support for an all-Ireland sports award/accreditation database maintained by Sport Ireland (formerly the Irish Sports Council).
  • to comply with any applicable legal obligations.


The IRFU is the Data Controller and is responsible for storing and otherwise processing the personal data that you provide in a fair, lawful, secure and transparent way. Should any sub-processors of The IRFU process your personal data or transfer any of your personal data outside the EU we will ensure we have a contract in place with that sub-processor to ensure suitable protections are guaranteed.


The IRFU will retain your personal data in line with the duration of your certifications and in line with our overall retention policy. You have several rights around the processing of your Personal Data which can be consulted at www.dataprotection.ie


 If you have any concerns about the way your Personal Data are being used or processed by the IRFU, please contact our Data Protection Executive at dataprivacy@irishrugby.ie or your Branch data protection contact.


Terms and Conditions of Use of ‘GAINLINE’ (the ‘platform’)


  • Users must be registered on GAINLINE in order to access the platform.
  • Users are responsible for informing the relevant Branch personnel of changes to personal data such as email address which may otherwise impede login and access to the platform.
  • Users are responsible for the correct legal use of the platform and the proper maintenance of those aspects of the platform they have access to.
  • Users are required to follow pre-determined accreditation processes in order to achieve specified IRFU Awards and may not bypass any such accreditation process or requirement.
  • Users must not the use the collective and/or collaborative tools of GAINLINE (i.e. Discussions tool, Survey tool, shared projects etc.) to abuse, slander, sexually harass, intimidate or otherwise harm other Users. Any User found to be in contravention of such terms may have their access to the platform permanently removed and potentially face internal and/or external legal action.



Completed User login to GAINLINE is taken as acceptance of both Personal Data use purposes and Terms and Conditions of Use as outlined above.